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Mar 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
at the district's noyes school, sored under michelle rhee. >> usa today report is raising questions about the validity of those results. our reporter joins us from the school in northeast. lindsay has more this morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. usa today investigative report focused in on this school, this is the noyes educational center. and basically this is a school that has done dramatically well over the years from 2006 until 2010, the test scores improved so dramatically that this all of a sudden became a blue ribbon school. usa today though found that there may be a problem with some of the testing scores. they found that the test company, which is actually called ctb mcgraw hill, they are able to see exactly what students do when it comes to grading. they're able to see whenever they fill in those little marks, okay, a, b, c, d, that's the answer they can tell if the student erases it and fills in a different answer. they found out that this school in particular had so many wrong to right answers in other words, students would fill in a bubble, later erase it and then fill
Mar 28, 2011 8:17pm EDT
. discussing the at&t-t-mobile usa deal, jeffrey silva of medley global advisors, and robert bell who practices antitrust law for which firm? >> case schuyler. >> how does it lead to the deal that is were blocked? there was a sprint and directv and echostar. >> directv, echo star was really a 2-1 transaction. it would have been a merger to monopoly. i think it was a fairly easy decision on the part of the department of justice to move to block it. the mci transaction i'm less familiar with. it's a long time ago. and i can't really dredge up the details. here you have a very close call, i think, because mergers like this do two things simultaneously. on one hand, they create a stronger competitor, one that has as we've been talking about more spectrum, a better ability to expand and into new technologies, better service for customers, and cost savings. on the other hand, a transaction like this has the ability to impose higher costs on consumers and to create a marketplace where you have less innovation and perhaps less quality of service. and the department of justice has to weigh those things
Mar 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
and viewers that you used to be with "usa today." >> the broadcasting division there which owns 21 stations. yes. i started out in the television division producing documentaries for the discovery channel. we piggybacked with the reporters at "usa today" as the window to cover hurricane katrina. we produced two documentaries for the discovery channel. as we progress through the years, my agent was pushing us to do more reality-based programming. we then went to the life section of "usa today" and work with a fabulous health reporter. she has apiece each year called "the weight loss challenge." we created for women's entertainment the way lost challenge reality show. remember when "the biggest loser" started to get traction? we went from, the early-2000's, late 1990's, hard-hitting documentaries, when the history channel actually documented history, instead of "ice for trekkers," which is their biggest show now. we continued on that reality path, until we sort of thought, ok, does the "usa today" brand really want to be doing this reality television? the reason it does this three- fold. one,
Mar 29, 2011 6:00pm EDT
were taken away. >>> tonight, michelle reid goes on national television to blast the u.s.a. today report that questions whether some of the gains on dc student test scores are real. the report based on statistics says so many of the students wrong answers had been erased and changed to right ones, there's almost no way those changes could have been legitimate. bruce johnson has been on this story from the beginning. he has new information that has just come in. >> it's good for the parents out there. lesli, a short time ago, acting chancellor made public the security reviews done by an outside independent company for the standardized test. henderson reiterated in a statement tonight that the review by the consulting services of philadelphia found no evidence of cheat at any of the schools flagged for testing irregularities. former chancellor, michelle reid is out of town tonight in indiana, we're told, before leaving she taped an appearance for pbs, in which she criticized the u.s.a. today article and defends student test scores under her watch. >> i mean, if you look at the sto
Mar 28, 2011 12:00pm EDT
good to be true? a new exclusive usa today report focuses on the noise education center and questions how scores went up so quickly. lindsey mastis has details. >> reporter: it seems like a cinderella story. noise school was struggling. in 2006 only 10% of students scored proficient or higher in math. but two years later, 58% of students scored well. usa today reporter jack gillham used d.c.'s freedom of information act to take a closer look at those scores. >> there were high rates offer ray sures where answers were changed to the correct answer. >> reporter: it's so high, the odds are better for winning powerball than having that many answers changed from wrong to right. the school became a national blue ribbon school and former chancellor michelle rhee awarded teachers. >> i took the test scores to her, and she said, marvin, this can't be right, because she's still having problems retaining. >> reporter: in response, d.c. public schools released a statement saying, in part, the district acted swiftly to bring in test security. in northeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now.
Mar 28, 2011 7:00pm EDT
soared under then school chancellor, michelle reid. but tonight a report by our give net partners at u.s.a. today are throwing questions at those results. according to that paper, noise went from a school where 10% of students scored proficient or advanced in 2006 where 58% did in 2008. the school saw similar increases in reading. u.s.a. today also obtained data from the last three years showing most of the noise classrooms had high numbers of erasers on those tests. now that means there was a consistent pattern of wrong answers being changed to right ones. in fact, in 2009, a seventh grade reading class averaged 12.7 wrong to right erasers per student. that while all dc 7th graders averaged less than 1. our own bruce johnson tracked down the acting school's chancellor for some answers. >> acting dc school chancellor says there was no cheating at noise elementary school in northeast. she says an outside security firm was brought in after suspicions were raised about soaring student test scores. >> they issued us a report on the eight schools they looked at and said there were no evidence
Mar 29, 2011 7:00pm EDT
schools after u.s.a. today published a report that questions whether some students had earned their standardized test scores. tonight, former dc school chancellor, michelle rhee is blasting that report and hours ago, acting chancellor, kia henderson made public the security reviews for the 2009 standardized tests. that review by havion consulting services of philadelphia said no evidence of cheating at any of the schools flagged for testing irregularities. we get the rest of the story from bruce johnson. >> former dc school chancellor, michelle rhee, a national star for school reform will appear on national tv tonight to respond to questions raised about student test scores on her watch. >> if you look at the story overall, i think it absolutely lacks credibility. >> rhee tells pbs talk show moderator, travis smiley, there were a number of incorrect answers changed to correct answers, but they found no wrong doing. >> when the academic aachievement rates of a district like dc go up, people assume that it can't be because the kids are actually attaining higher gains of stud
Mar 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on test strips, which is a true american value for people with diabetes like me. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >> my husband hasn't come here yet. he left the home a little later than me. our house was swept away. >> translator: i'm looking for my friend's wife. i have no idea which shelter she is in. >> it's coming up on 7:30 morning in japan. that report says they're at a train station and very few passengers are onboard the trains. it's the first day back to work and obviously they're devastated by the earthquake and also the tsunami. we'll continue to monitor that and the incredible images coming out of japan. destruction. they're now matched by incredible stories of survival. two days after the monster wave hit, rescuers found a 60-year-old man stranded at sea. he had been floating on a piece of his home's roof. rescuers found him nine miles off the fukushima's prefecture standing on the roof piece and waving a red flag. there
Mar 1, 2011 5:30pm PST
coffee maker was made in the usa. >> what's made in america. made in the usa? >> reporter: made in the usa. we kept pressing. >> e-mailed the super visor to get some help on this. >> reporter: it took a dozen calls and more than an hour just to find an american coffee maker. two hours to find a couch. okay, thank you. bye. not helpful at all. frustrating, but worth asking, because economists say if we all just spent 1% more on american-made goods right now, 18 cents a day, that would be 200,000 new jobs today. >> reporter: and this family now knows that, which is why they asked that question, apparently seldom heard. is this made in america? at the container store, they told us one-third of what they sell is made in this country. these are made in the usa. >> cool. >> reporter: how often do people ask you, is this product or that product made in the u.s. snus >> probably about 15% of the time. >> reporter: anyone today? >> no one today. >> reporter: anyone yesterday? >> no. >> reporter: anyone the day before? >> um -- >> reporter: we would keep asking. and in the end, we called
Mar 1, 2011 2:30am PST
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Mar 8, 2011 12:00pm CST
to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on test strips, which is a true american value for people with diabetes like me. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. libyan leader gadhafi may be preparing to give up power. opposition in libya says that the adoptee is trying to strike a deal with rebel leaders. he will step down if he he or his family will be immune to prosecution and if he can leave peacefully. gaddafi and rebels have been fighting for control of libya for about three weeks. >> of 10 years after the attack of the trade center it was shot by a police helicopter showing the twin towers on fire after terrorists blew two passenger jets into the building it also shows the collapse of the first tower and the aftermath of the attack. a copy of that video has been handed over to federal investigators. >> president obama says the united states will resume using military commissions for terror suspects in guantanamo bay. guantanamo will not be close anytime soo
Mar 27, 2011 11:35pm EDT
not in imminent and not a vital national interest. how can the usa -- how can the --. say >> a lot of people did perk up for signs are looking dissent. that was a signal not everyone is on the same page. initially president obama signaled there was not going to anything imminent and were not clear. then we had this no-fly zone, so amongis a sense isgressional leaders there clear message coming out. >> he does have going for him are makings progress. hunte will help him tomorrow night. >> that is what they will have show, that there is an alternative. just trading something, a is seen by the beingational community as unacceptable for chaos. there is the perception that these rebels have some real organization and could be in take over. >> we have a couple of hopefuls who have on the presidency. gingrich, who else are we expecting? >> we are seeing a lot of worrying in iowa. guy -- iowa is very important. she is not seen as a legitimate contender who has a chance of nomination as much as other possible contenders. all it takes is one victory in hampshire to throw this out of whack. we have favorit
Mar 28, 2011 4:30am EDT
at the noyes education center scored under the former chancellor. a usa today report is questioning whether those are real. the newspaper says noyes went from a school where 10% were proficient or advanced in math to a school that went to 58% achieving that level in just two years. usa today obtained data it said said most of the noyes classrooms had extraordinarily number of erases on the test. >> if the students made the change f someone did it or instructed students to make those changes, that turns into a big problem. coming up on 9news now at 6:00 a.m., usa today jack gillen will join us live to discuss his investigation and the possible fallout from this report. usa today and wusa are both owned gannett. >>> a 6.5 magnitude quake shook japan, briefly prompting a tsunami alert. high radiation readings are complicating the jobs cooling down over heated reactors at the crippled nuclear plant. radiation levels 100,000 times above what is considered normal have been detected. the air contains four times more radiation than what is considered safe. for japanese people, groceries and every
FOX News
Mar 25, 2011 8:00pm EDT
newspaper column talked about the u.s.a. as a noble nation. for decades we have tried to do the right thing around the world. now we're nearly bankrupt. clearly we request not take wars on like iraq. but an american president should be able to persuade the nation that confronting evil is a worthy endeavor. it's not all about us. if we can save lives without damaging our own country we should do so. but president obama has not been able to make that case. so far his main focus is shifting the humanitarian responsibilities on to other countries. that is okay. we need all the allies we can get but if america is an exceptional countries our leaders have to have that mind set. does president obama? you make the call. that is memo. now for the top story, let's bring in two generals to analyze whether president obama is doing the job as commander in chief. joining us is paul eaton, spent 30 years in the army and general jack key, former vice chief of staff under clinton and bush. your assessment of the president commander and chief? >> first we're talking about leadership here. when i think of the
FOX News
Mar 14, 2011 8:00pm EDT
in the quake zone in the u.s.a., that's all, two? >> at least two. i would have to look at the map a lot more closely at least two. >> bill: the ones on the east coast. they are rare on the east coast but not impossible. >> not impossible. >> bill: are they along the lines of the japanese or are the newer ones more stable to withstand this kind of stuff. >> oldest nuclear plant in the u.s. is indian point here on the hudson river. 8% of the nation's population lives within 50 miles of indian point. indian point is a very old plant there have been problems there before. so, while it's not in a seismic, in an active seismic vons, there are issues with the u.s. nuclear plants. >> are you confident that they could -- these plants in the u.s.a. could survive a terrorist attack or a calamity of nature that -- like we are seeing in japan? >> well, terrorists did use the hudson river as a navigational tool on their way to downtown manhattan. >> bill: if a plane crashed into that plant hudson would it withstand. >> it's more complicated than that the domes are thick and quite fortified there are also
FOX News
Mar 17, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of reports, there is disagreement between the u.s.a. and japan over how dangerous the nuclear leak situation really is. the u.s. military has ordered military personnel to be 50 miles away from the leaking reactors. japan is an 18-mile warning zone. and the obama administration is sending private planes into japan to evacuate americans if they want to leave. now, in public, both governments say they are in synch with each other. some in the media dispute that. >> the obama administration and the government clearly isn't trusting what's come out of the japanese government and taking upon itself to warn american citizen what is to do in japan. >> the tokyo electric power company tepco is preaching calm that catastrophic radiation leak can be averted. but they have said that before. >> bill: that private concern is a tokyo electric power company or tepco, the fourth largest power company in the world. in 2002, five tepco executives were force god resign for falsifying nuclear plant safety records. in 2003, all 17 japanese nuke plants were shut down for a time because of false safety reports. in
Mar 24, 2011 11:00pm PDT
which recognized the independence of u.s.a. and also in morocco you signed, america, the first treaty, trade, and also protection against piracy. and we've done a good job since the beginning. but now i think that u.s.a. tried to encourage the best evolution possible in the arab world because the arab world is not monolithic in terms of political regimes. and the monarchies like in morocco and monarchy in gulf countries, republics, military dictators and we cannot put all the country in the same baskets and morocco started at the beginning immediately after gaining independence. we fight against the party, we established the first constitution in 1962 and since this time, we've amended this constitution four times. and i think that also in morocco thanks to the vigors of the society and the freedom of press and protests and manifestation we all the time work on our... walk on our two legs-- political leg and also social and economic leg. and maybe the error was made when during the last decade some countries want security through economy without trying to convince others that it's imp
Mar 30, 2011 5:00am EDT
about investigations into standardized test scores. >> this after a "usa today" report questioning the legitimacy of high standardized test scores. >> that report showed so many wrong answers were erased and changed to the right ones on the standardized tests it was almost impossible for the changes to be legitimate. 9news now reporter lindsey mastis joins us at one of the schools in question in this report. >> reporter: i'm at noyes educational center. this is one of the schools that "usa today" focused on in their report saying that there was a high number of erasers here, that a lot of the answers were change from wrong to right. now, the school's acting school chancellor wants eight schools investigated by the d.c. inspector general now former chancellor michelle has been speaking out. she's saying the article lacks credibility. >> we told pbs that there were questions raised about the high number -- reed told pbs that there were questions about the high number. >> we were told that there were four classrooms that were identified where there was a very high erasure rate. in oth
Mar 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >> it follows an extensive investigation by our partners at "usa today." it looked at standardized test score results that just didn't seem right. >> lindsey mastis is live in northeast washington with more on the story which we've been tracking all week. lindsey, good morning. >> good morning, mike. i'm at noyes educational campus. this is one of the schools that was focused on in the "usa today" report. and now, the acting chancellor wants the d.c. inspector general to review the investigation of eight schools. the former chancellor michelle reed is calling this article basically she's saying that it lacks credibility. she told the pbs talk show yesterday that there were questions raised about the high number of erasures on tests and that they hired an outside firm to investigate and that that firm found no evidence of wrongdoing. but ted, president of the d.c. state board of education told our bruce johnson that there has been problems. >> we were told that there were four classrooms that were identified where there was a very high erasure rate. in other words, incorrect answers were erase
FOX News
Mar 27, 2011 6:30am EDT
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FOX News
Mar 13, 2011 6:30am EDT
'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on tt strips, which is a true american value foreople with dbetes likee. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >> the arab league is for the u.n. to impose a no-fly zone over libya as. >> they've retaken the oil rich city and apparently pressing forward into other areas of libya. a middle east expert dr. walid phares joins us and as ali was talking about the arab league calling for a no-fly zone, the united nations hasn't done it and now that gadhafi has rehe gained some of the towns, is it too late for a no-fly zone. >> i think it is very late for them because the gadhafi forces are trying to take the east and eventually they would like to take benghazi. now, the arab league asked the united nations council to impose the no-fly zone, however, you have two veto powers at the security council, russia and china and seems they are blocking the oranges. >> alisyn: and yet, walid. they're saying no-fly
Mar 27, 2011 6:00pm PDT
to defend his title as two-time u.s.a. memory champion. >> i mem orized a deck of cards 30 times a day. i will get a computer program that generates random numbers and i will do it-- 200 digits at a time. >> the 37 year old has met his match in younger upstart nelson dellis, 27 who memorizes the order of an entire deck of cards in one minute and 3 seconds. >> when he puts the second deck in the exact same order, he set the national record. >> set a new record set by nelson. >> i'm looking at numbers, i'm looking at decks of cards, poetry, names and i turn those pieces of information into pictures that i can see in my mind. >> reporter: long before the championships, each contestant prepares by matching a picture to every number and playing card. >> i see a roller coast err over there so i know that must be 45, mickey mouse over there i know that must be 37. >> reporter: the pictures form a story. the crazier the story, the easier it ask to remember. >> to a flower pouch where steve jobs was there and he was shopping. >> ann frank taking a bath with a guitar. >> johnny depp balancing a fen
Mar 13, 2011 9:00pm CDT
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Mar 18, 2011 9:00pm CDT
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Mar 27, 2011 9:00pm CDT
in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on test strips which is a true american value for people with diabetes like me. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >> part jim, i was in atlanta last night. >> most of the state of georgia was really hit yesterday. there were five reported tornadoes and more than 100 severe weather reports. there is a frontal boundary that is creating problems there before us it is just cold out there. and has been called all day and it will be called all day tomorrow as well. the high temperature was 15 degrees. below normal which of the way is 50 if you want to know. time lapse pictures showed just a few clouds up there. we still have a few flurries to look forward to. notice our high temperature is a tiny bit warmer in st. louis. not much relief from the cold in the short term, but look at these numbers already is in the upper 20s. the water temperature off of chicago's lakefront is 39 degrees. it is producing some wind chills in the teens already at o'hare. across the m
Mar 12, 2011 5:00am EST
of the u.s.a. and of al qaeda. for the best part of 20 years, the left's narrative on the middle is has been dominated by imperialism and anti- imperialism. noam chomsky recently predicted that in pursuit of oil, the u.s. and its allies will pull out the stops to prevent any really functioning democracy from developing in the arab world. but with the risings in egypt and tunisia, a new force blew into history. secular young people, many of them western-educated, who did not seem to hate america. and this, too, has it -- has been the test of a new kind of american diplomacy. under obama, the u.s.a. has restrained from the military is in the situation and exercised soft power to speedy exit of men like mubarak. noam chomsky died the modern linguistics, claim to the media had become a machine for many -- , an expert in moderate line questions, claimed that it was a machine. this is the sort of impact of social media. the consent machine breakdown. and it has been a shaky in america, with 100,000 on the streets of madison, wisconsin and the defense of human rights. noam chomsky describes hi
Mar 30, 2011 12:00pm EDT
with the news of the week, the story everybody saw on the front page yesterday of "usa today" that talked about whether test scores actually stored in the sea under your leadership. the raised a question as to whether or not those test score gains were in effect real. put another way, unusually high erasures, we are told, were taking place in the district. so maybe these test-score gains were not so real. would you mind commenting on that first? >> we put in place, when i was in the district of columbia, very strict testing security protocols. part of what we ensured was when we got data back about erasure rates, irregularities, that we hired investigation companies to come in so the district would not have to be involved in that. the third party did come in. when you look at the article, the vast majority is about one school in particular that the test investigation company came back and said, "we did the investigation and there is no need for further inquiries." i think we followed all the right protocols. we brought an external expert in to do the investigation. what i think is the really un
Mar 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
campus rose from 10% to 58% in just two years. however, our partners at u.s.a. today found that most classrooms in the school had a high rate of erasers. wrong answers were consistently changed to right ones. in one classroom, there were so many wrong to right changes, a stay statustition said you have a better shot at winning the lottery. >> these tests are the only way to measure the reform. that's how much is at stake here. former dc school chancellor, michelle reid isn't returning our phone calls or e-mails and calls for now. her deputy and now acting chancellor did sit down for an interview late today and she says the students earned those improved test scores. >> we'll continue to be as individual lent as possible. >> acting dc school chancellor, kentucky yay kia said there was no cheating. >> they issued us a report on the eight schools that they looked at and said there were no evidence of testing impropriety. and that is what the report has said. >> there needs to be a full investigation. >> washington teachers union is sure there was cheating on the testing and he say
Mar 30, 2011 12:00pm EDT
for an investigation no test results. she made the request after our partners at "usa today" found unusual high rates of erasures on standardized tests between 2008 and 2010. lindsay mastis has an update on the story we've been following all week. >> reporter: we now know there were concerns about the legitimacy of standardized test results, so much so that an outside company was brought in to investigate. former chancellor michelle reese spoke on national tv and says that company, cavon consulting services, found no evidence of wrongdoing. >> which, in this case was absolutely not the case. >> our own bruce johnson talked to the president of d.c.'s board of education. he says there were problems found with four people administering tests at noyes. >> those individuals had subsequently been removed. >> somebody other than the students are making these changes. >> they're thinking they're doing well and they're not. >> her granddaughter goes to noyes and she said she's surprised. >> i have no complaints about this school. it is pretty good. >> reporter: she's not sure about other schools and she says
FOX News
Mar 25, 2011 7:00pm EDT
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FOX News
Mar 7, 2011 10:00pm EST
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FOX News
Mar 8, 2011 5:00am EST
. >> bill: you are also saying that the u.s.a. ornate toe should bomb their antiaircraft batteries? >> you need to bomb the antiaircraft battery as a precondition or as part of establish ago no-fly zone. you don't want to put your own aircraft in peril. that's one of the first things you go is go in and knock out the antiaircraft batteries. senator mccain says are antiquated anyway and should not be too hard to neutralize. at that point you begin your combat air patrols to keep libyan military planes from attacking the resurgents. >> bill: as soon as we start bombing anything, qaddafi will trot out the dead babies and look at america killing the libyan children. you know that's going to happen. and around the arab world, it's just not worked out well for the u.s.a. even when we try to do good things as we did in the first gulf war, removing saddam from kuwait. it just never works out in the arab world. >> that's because. >> bill: use it against us. >> i know. but the people that hate us and would use -- who would hold that against us are going to hate us and hold it against us anyway. the
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